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Isabelle Duston

Team Leader

Isabelle Duston is a French polyglot with an MBA from ESCP Europe currently living in Virginia. A serial entrepreneur, Isabelle holds a firm belief in the use of mobile technology to stimulate educational growth and social change. Isabelle is the CEO and founder of Education Technology For Development (Et4d), a social enterprise with a mission to provide educational opportunities for the world’s most financially disadvantaged people. By harnessing the power of technology, Duston intends to improve the learning outcome and have a real impact on the learner’s personal future, and the future of their communities.

In 2010 Et4d began designing a digital suite of tools focused on reading acquisition called MoToli Suite. The software includes a core application which teaches reading through various interactive activities, a digital library that enables and encourages consistent practice, and an assessment tool which gauges reading improvement. The MoToli Suite has since been deployed in Cambodia in the Khmer language under a USAID All Children Reading grant awarded to World Education. The application is the first Khmer language education app for the primary grades, and its implementation has brought significant reading acquisition improvement based on a EGRA evaluation.

Our application is the first Khmer language education app for the primary grades, its implementation has brought significant improvement on reading acquisition based on EGRA evaluation.

Duston is also the founder of iLearn4Fun, a non-profit with a mission to support the creation of open source resources for educational applications.